Upscaling ‘Me at the zoo’ – Comparison

Upscaling ‘Me at the zoo’ – Comparison

I upscaled this video twice- the first was
at the normal resolution. That one looked like this. I didn’t like what it did to
his face. I think it detected it as one, and applied it to some 3D mask of sorts, but it
looked kind of like he was wearing another person’s face and that just isn’t cool.
So I halved the resolution, which gave his face a smoother result, which I saw as being
better- but the rest of the image looked worse. So I combined the two results to get the best
of both worlds- the higher resolution upscale for most of the image, and the lower resolution
one for the face, which makes him only look slightly creepy!
And then I converted it from the original 15 fps to 60, using DAIN. This uses AI and
depth perception to smooth video animations without so many of the usual bugs and artifacts.
Down-side of this is that it’s incredibly slow. At full HD it can take about a minute
per FRAME! Luckily the video’s resolution was still quite low at this point, so it didn’t
take quite so long. I then upscaled it again. Just to be sure.
Through numerous upscales and conversions the colours had all shifted a bit- his red
jacket had turned orange. So I needed to colour-correct it back to the original. This made his face
brown so I had to colour correct the rest of the image separately and like EVERY SINGLE
project I attempt these days, it turned into a horrible mess that I quickly rendered and
uploaded it and then deleted, before it turned into another sprawling nightmare on my already-cluttered
hard-drives. It’s very tempting to go over-the-top with
these upscales- to really ruin it with gaudy filters and so on. But the beauty is in its
apparent simplicity- it’s Youtube’s first video, but upscaled and at a smooth 60 fps.
I’m happy with this choice. It DOES look fake. His hair and jacket look
good, but the elephants are terrible, and his face stuck somewhere down uncanny valley.
These are the limitations of the tools I’m using- and of course, my ability to use them.
I expect it to improve with time and it will be interesting to return to this technology
to see how it’s improved. But maybe not for a while because I’m sure you’re all
sick of me releasing these kinds of videos. Right now it is still incredibly intensive
on my PC to achieve these effects. One day I expect it could all be done to a high standard
in real-time… at which point maybe it will become a standard feature on Youtube to enhance
older videos, and to reduce the bitrate required to stream videos. Google would love that.
Nice hair. Check out my upscaling project here for more stuff.

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  1. the thing I find amazing is when you're zooming in if you look at his hands you can clearly see the jumping of his hand in the 15 FPS video and how the AI has managed to make a perfectly smooth 60fps motion

  2. I don't understand why everyone is freaking out so much. Sure, there are some artefacts, but the last video 2kliksphilip uploaded of this was just filled with comment after comment utterly freaked out. "LoOk At HiS eYeS!!111" etc etc

  3. This is the most impressive result of 4K upscaling I've seen so far. It's obviously not perfect but it's the best I've seen yet. Thanks for making this.

  4. 1:48
    Don't you ever think that again! I love each and every one of these, and the frequency of which you've uploaded them recently is spoiling me. Though I do prefer the ones you analyze, and do cross-comparisons with.
    I think this is a really interesting subject, and the efforts you put into it makes for great footage. Please, keep going.
    Unless you don't feel like doing them anymore. You seemed a bit bored of it in the "juggling on mount tall-hill" video

  5. Philip, please make a video on how the CS ranks have changed over time.

    For example, I think we can all agree that silver feels like GN, low GN is MG and high GN is DMG or above.

  6. You may have sent me down my own upscaling rabbit hole… I went through a decent amount of effort processing some old home videos not too long ago, trying for best possible quality (capturing the tapes losslessly, deinterlacing with QTGMC, color correcting, ect.). A few months ago a built a new PC and went with nvidia for the GPU (sorry AMD still have Ryzen though) and realized I had access to some interesting AI assisted image programs. I messed with waifu2x a bit but mostly left it at that.

    Now your videos came along going over your whole upscaling process and they introduced me to other programs I wasn't aware of. I both thank and hate you for this, as I just dropped the dosh for the Topaz video upscaling program and started my poor GPU on a giant upscaling job.

  7. my guess: 3kilikphilip got that Nvidia/Aorus money from that sponsorshipsimilar to what warowl did, now 2klikphilip uses that beefy computer to upscale any video he wants, and klikphilip is crying in the corner for some reason

  8. I'm so impressed by the hair, there is so much detail in it…

    Maybe try Deepfaking another face on it?

    60FPS + Upscale resolution + deepfake the face, so you don't get them creepy faces…

    I wonder if deepfake even reconises it… Mmm

  9. Philip is already down the rabbit hole. Just a matter of time until he ends up as a mad scientist obsessed with AI upscaling.

  10. Keep going. This is not boring at all. This is the future of future proofing old footage that's still important but almost unviewable in this day and age of high resolution and high frame rates

  11. let's face it
    the guy just has a super weird face
    it looks like there is s glass bowl pressed into his face
    flattening it in a very bizzare way

    that said
    the upscaling and colour correction and framerate conversion you did was actually baffling
    computers have come a very far ey?
    also Putting way to much time in one video helps

    I appreciate it tho

  12. I really enjoy these videos, and think the AI upscaling is really interesting. You make it an approachable topic 🙂

  13. Smooth video projector 4 and other tools like it can already do real time rendering and output it, it is used mainly for movies,anime and youtube if you go deep enough

  14. Try to make the original 60 fps only? See what result it spits out. I don't know how you do this or what will happen, but might be cool.

  15. everybody run! hide your low quality pictures and videos! he's gonna upscale them!!

    (just a joke, I enjoy these videos even if I don't fully appreciate what its about)

  16. I don't know if you can send it to the creator. Passed so much time, i think the creator is dead

  17. Glad to see you used DAIN App as you suggested. The program's still in alpha, so I'm sure they'll make its rendering times a lot faster in due time.

  18. I'll say what I always say underneath videos that depict an older time: gosh those guys must be all dead.

  19. Congratulations Philip. The first thing I got from searching "Me at the zoo" was your video. I consider this is the highest peak your channel will ever climb.

    Except when you upload you playing Half-Life Alyx. I'm excited to see your exceptional ass.

    -I mean, your exceptional combine assassination skills.

    Edit: 3.3.20 – Localization files updated.

  20. first i didn't like the result being ignorant to the actual quality of the original video but then in the comparison i am truly impressed by you and what technology can achieve. i am not tired of upscaled videos.

  21. "enhance that image"
    It was a joke before "YOU CAN'T CREATE INFORMATION"
    But now, with the power of my pentium 4, I can, someway

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