VAULT NUMBER 76 | Fallout 76 Song

VAULT NUMBER 76 | Fallout 76 Song

*ALARMS* “Do you think the world can ever be fixed?” “Is America buried?” “Did it ever exist?” “Were you hoping for a life of heavenely bliss?” “When you stepped out of Vault number 76” “Feels like we’ve waited forever for this” “Dust off those chips and selection of dips” “Rehydrate those ancient celery sticks” ” ‘Cus we’re gonna have a party down in 76″ (Nice Beats) “Today’s a day for celebration!” “We’ve been locked away” “But we’ve been making preparations” “Sweep away decay” “And all the waves of devastation” “Now we’re at the dawning of the day of reclamation” “Preservation of the nation” “Is a fate we’ve waited” “Everyday in dedication” “To build a haven” “Pave the way for generations” “Of what’s left of Vault-Tec participation” “Deep beneath the wastes of Virginia’s a place where we could of stayed safe for millenia” “But tensions get frayed agter just a few decades” “So we’re certain that the surface ought’ to be a lil’ friendlier” “Shine your shoes because the hour is at hand for joining hand in hand with fellow man to save the land so,” “I packed some dandy apples” “In a satchel with some Blamco” “Stepped out of the gate to meet the neighbours and…. BLAMO!!!!!” (Oh.) “Do you think the world could ever be fixed?” “Is America buried?” “Did it ever exist?” “Were you hopin for a life of heavenly bliss?” “When you stepped out of Vault number 76” “Are you lost in awe?” “Well you better be quick” “Build a hovel from the rubble while the reverie sticks” ” ‘Cause you’ve got to build a heaven using death as the bricks” “If you want to have a life in vault number 76” “I don’t want to set the world on fire, but your house will do just fine” “Got you think maybe now’s a prudent time” “Add some traps to send the rowdy mutants flying” “Now I’m an optimist” “But was it a bad decision to make a mission out of living in a vicios cataclysm?” “Sitting in the wilderness and killing for provisions.” “A vault may have its faults but all the halls were air conditioned.” “Every dweller wnet from level headed fella’ to a villain, so forgive me if it’s not what I envisioned.” “But with citizens selected out of brilliant civilians I thought that some decorum whilst exploring was a given.” “Hi Joe! How you doing today? I haven’t seen you since the vault barbeque last may!” (gunshots) “Alright! Awh, jeez! Okay! You can keep the carcass I’ll be on my way!” “So country road, take me home to a place that won’t irradiate my bones.” “Hear a silly little ditty with a playful tone transmitting from the middle of the danger zone.” “Country road, take me there to a pretty little crater in the open air.” “It’s a bright new future so don’t be scared ’cause everything glows with a bright green glare.” “Can the world ever be fixed? Is America buried? Did it ever exist? Were you hoping for a life of heavenly bliss, when you stepped out of vault number 76?” “Is murdering suburbians getting your kicks? Well we ask you to refrain ’til population is fixed.” “Rest assured that every resident was carefully picked to be remembered as a member of 76.” “Vault Tec reminds you your purpose on the surface is to work to survive through adversity by working with the persons beside you.” “Nah, I never liked you, I’m gonna craft some ammo and fight you.” “There was a I’d smile and pretend that I liked all my friends. When society ends, tell me why the pretence?” “Bring a violent end to that white picket fence.” “You missed my recital again!” “Now there’s no keeping up with the Joneses, I’ve broken their noses, I’ve stolen their clothes and fed them to the roaches.” “That ought’ to show him for mowing his lawn whilst I’m trying to focus on my crosswords.” “Cross words are through now, domestic disputes, now descend into shootouts. Truth is Dianne, I hate your Pecan pie. This is for bringing one round to my luau.” (Bomb explodes) “Everynody’s had that fantasy, to be the last of humanity. You might think that it’s rad to see what’ll grow from this rad disease. The mutations are past belief.” “Who’d have guessed these nuclear arms would give me literally nuclear arms?” I hear ground zero has some loot we can farm, so what is the harm if we drop another couple of bombs?” “Who’d have thought the horrors of war could be awesome when chalking them up against the boredom? Before things were torched we’re forced to reform from assortments of morons. A quarter century’s quarrels laid dormant.” “Pip Boys and torches, blood in the porches, squash clubs and pot lucks and nuclear launches. Setting the Scorched on my mother in law is more fun than anything before the war was!” “From Boston to the Mojave you gotta get a hobby like slaying all your neighbours and displaying all the bodies, so let’s all go to the lobby and get ourselves a treat.” (Nice ending) “Thank you for watching this Vault Tec presentation, and a big thank you to all of our benefactors over on patreon.” “If you enjoyed the song then please do be sure to tune your pip-boy to the playlist, and of course like, comment, subscribe and ring the little bell.” “And why not check out the merch store for the finest hats, shirts and mugs in the wasteland.” “All that leaves me to say is thank you very much to Bethesda for creating a perfect game”

100 thoughts on “VAULT NUMBER 76 | Fallout 76 Song”

  1. This song is… well stupendous i really like your work and the ones you did about fallout in particuliar.

    A little sad that the game was not at the Hight of your song.

  2. I really like the song. its been stuck in my head all day. but if i was a song writer, i would have ended with a last " Do you think the world can ever be fixed? Is america buried? Did it ever exist? Were you hoping for a life of heavenly bliss? When you stepped out of vault number 76. When you stepped out of vault number 76. When you stepped out of vault number 76." and end make the last line ego a bit to make it more sinister every repeat. but thats my opinion.

    love the original song all the same though. so thanks for getting that stuck in miy head.

  3. This WHOLE time i thought it was
    "I don't wanna set the world on fire but your house will lose your sign"
    and it took me a year to realize.

  4. this is exactly why i mosied over to the most inhospitable place on the map and built my home there fuck talking to people when you have a home and rad away

  5. God i found stupendium thru my boyfriend showing me the outworlds song and now im so addicted and keep playing 8 of his songs on loop cause theyre just so damn good and i hope more content comes soon.

  6. "is america buried, did it ever exist?" is such a good line I question the existence of America itself.


    "YOU MISSED MY RECITAL AGAIN!" shoots because you missed his recital again that shows the game is too violent for its own good.

  7. Better than the actual game (though that was a given, good song). Though it always annoyed me that you literally see in other games, people turn vaults into homes… yet the literal one where players should be able to do something like that, the vault magically locks behind them and won't let them.

  8. If a lot of people say that songs are "fire", this is the complete nuclear Armageddon it represents, and I don't even like rap.

  9. Anyone else notice the 76 Background the trio were standing in front of kept getting worse throughout the video? In the beginning, it was nice and pristine, but at the end it was faded and torn?

  10. I like how the background of the three singers slowly degrade and in the end the middle singer has killed the other two singers.

  11. Love the song but I find it hilarious how it contrasts from my personal experiences in 76 since getting it two weeks ago. Everyone I've ran into was friendly and several people gave me some nice items to get myself started.

  12. Спасибо авторам за песню, но так-же спасибо OverBord'у, который перевёл песню на русский язык в качестве субтитров!

  13. 2:06

  14. Nothing about how the game became a huge dumpster fire?

    Edit: never mind. I posted it just before that last line. Not disappointed 🙂

  15. Still listening to this song. It's so good, and it illustrates all the potential 76 had if Bethesda hadn't fucked it with 89 Alan wrenches, 35 rusty bedsprings and a deflated beach ball.

  16. The sad part is, if everyone wants to be the last of humanity to see how humans evolved in the end, all they’ll see is themselves, so they killed everyone just to see themselves.

  17. It goes to show how good this guy is that he’s doing a song on a American style game and pulls it off in fact I haven’t herd of a fall out song before this the only fall out songs are made by this guy and really personally no one else should make a song on fall out because they would fail because this song is really good

  18. "Pip-boys and torches,
    Blood in the porches,
    Squash clubs and pot lucks and nuclear launches
    Settin' the Scorched on my mother-in-law is
    More fun than anything before the war was."

    Just… W o w

  19. I think the line "did America ever exist" was inspired by 1984 the book where it pretty much says "if you control the past and the present you can control what really happened" im over thinking it most likely tho.

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