Vedic Astrology Tập   6

Vedic Astrology Tập 6

welcome to Vedic Astrology classes session six, session five introduced you to movable and fixed planners numbers and days ruled by different planets plants entry is controlled by planets in this session I will discuss about the colors, stones and metals governed by different planets planets and colors, Sun is represented by Dark Red- a mixture of red and brown you must have seen the color of flag, moon represents white color, Mars red, mercury green, Jupiter yellow ,Venus white, Saturn black, Rahu blue, ketu grey color like smoke planets and stones or gems ruby is the stone of sun- ruby is also called Manik in Hindi white Pearl is for moon it is called Safed Moti, Coral for Mars it is known as Moonga, Emerald for mercury emerald is called Panna in Hindi, Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter called Pukhraj in Hindi Diamond for Venus it is called Hira, Blue Sapphire for Saturn known as Neelam in Hindi, Comedha for Rahu, cat’s-eye for ketu known as Lehsunia in Hindi; planets and metals: Sun rules gold or Swarna, metal of Moon is silver or Rajat also called Chandi, metal of Mars is copper or Tamba; metal of Mercury is bronze also known as Kansa in Hindi; metal of Jupiter is gold also known as Swarna, metal of Venus’s silver; metal of Saturn is Iron Loba; metals for Rahu and Ketu are mixed metals or Mishrit Dhatu in Hindi to know more about planets please watch where the Vedic astrology Class session 7

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