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Hi everyone and welcome to another
segment of AstrologyAnswers.com’s Weekly Forecast my name is Terence Scardino
the week begins on Monday, March the second as of a moon that sets the
emotional and public tone is in distracting jittery curious Gemini
Gemini energy there’s jumping from one idea to the next
now sometimes this can be very positive it can be witty and clever but this moon
in Gemini is going to be in a hard angle to the Pisces Sun it can trigger old
habits old memories but it throws us a little
bit out of sync and later in the day it’s going to be in a shtetl cult angle
with Neptune Neptune when it’s stressed as nebulous it’s confusing it’s foggy
send mercury the ruler of Gemini but communication mercury is retrograde
until the 10th of March so Monday is not a really good day for communications
just you know don’t assume anything asked to be repeated tell the other
person is this what I think you said just to make sure you don’t have any
mishaps and misinformation and you might be a little distracted and unfocused so
you’ve got to keep that in mind on Monday especially if you’re starting
a new work project interviewing for a new job on Tuesday the moon continues in
Gemini it’s not making any stressful angles to other planets but Venus the
planet of relationships is going to be in a challenging aspect to realistic
taskmasters Saturn Venus Saturn can relationships the good ones get stronger
but the weak ones start to show its cracks now Venus is also the planet of
art and creativity and the most positive with Venus creative Venus with Saturn is
Saturn can work hard to manifest and build and create you know manifests a
creative project and on Wednesday that continues when mercury still retrograde
is in harmony with creative Venus because of the retrograde this may be
favorable for re-editing revising a creative project but Venus is also
relationships this could be with mercury in retrograde you could since it’s
favorable with Venus this would be a really good day to get for forgiveness
to get back on the same page and with creative projects if you could be
dusting off a project from the past and getting it ready to try it again after
March the 10th Venus also on Wednesday is moving into Taurus this is one of the
better signs for Venus to transit through Taurus and Libra are signs that
associated or ruled by Venus Venus and Taurus Taurus is an earth sign so for
the next three to four weeks that Venus is transiting Taurus were more sensual
we’re more steady we’re more grounded it’s a Venus seeks harmony and
contentment in Taurus it can be a very relaxing calming period with all the
jitters that’s going on in the world plus the moon is in cancer emotional
sensitive cancer in harmony with the Sun in
so Monday and Tuesday a bit jittery testing relationships Wednesday very
favorable for getting back on track for starting to feel starting to calm down
plus mercury is also slowing down because it’s going to come to a halt on
the night and by the 10th start to slowly move forwards so our thinking by
MIT by Wednesday is starting to slow down so you don’t want to make any quick
decisions impulsive decisions because it’s a time to sit with it and take your
time and if not you’re swimming against the current on Thursday the moon
continues in nurturing domestic cancer and it’s going to be interacting with
expansive Jupiter good day for traveling good day for studying a good day for
well Venus with the moon Jupiter just feeling emotionally happy so
entertaining hanging out with friends on just feeling good about life especially
as Friday now we’re entering into the week in the moon is now in Leo Leo is
dramatic it loves entertainment it loves romance and the and the moon in leo is
going to be there through the whole weekend on Friday earlier in the day
it’s going to be triggering Venus and Uranus so there’s it’s it’s bringing in
a lot more social excitement and maybe some infatuation but if you’re being
attracted to somebody new just sit with it because with mercury is going very
slow and on Saturday the moon continues in
Leo but not making any other aspects but it’s a good day for hanging with friends
going to the movies going to a concert not doing anything all new and
life-changing but going with the flow with with entertainment with enjoying
friends and maybe with a little romance now before I sign off I want to remind
you I’m available for a one-question offer for a nominal fee you can find a
link to order it directly in the description box below the video the time
of birth is very important without it I can still answer a question but with the
time of birth it’s much more much more detailed much more accurate with that
said I want to thank you for watching and I hope to see you next week with
mice next segment until then have a great week

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