What to Do When You Get A Girl’s Number | How to Text the Girl You Like

What to Do When You Get A Girl’s Number | How to Text the Girl You Like

If you’ve ever been on the Internet or watched
ANY movie, then I’m sure you’ve heard the rule that you’re supposed to wait at
least 3 days before texting a girl after getting her number. Listen to me closely, THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE
WORST ADVICE EVER. Why would you ever wait that fucking long
just send a girl a text? Are you fucking serious? That’s ridiculous. Here’s what happens if you wait 3 days: First off, she’s gonna totally forget giving
you her number within 24 hours of you meeting her. Secondly, all the momentum and interest
you built with her is going to dissipate within the first 48 hours, and lastly, within 72
hours she’s already totally forgotten about you and will probably never think of you again. So now let me ask you, do you REALLY want
to wait 3 fucking days to text a girl? Fuck no. You should text her RIGHT after you get her
number or a few hours later. This way, all the interest she has in you, is maintained
and built up even more. This also prevents her from forgetting about you and flaking
on your messages. Also, she probably doesn’t expect you to text her right away, so it will
make you stand out and even more appealing. If you text a girl after 3 days when all of
her interest is lost, then you’ve successfully given her no incentive to text you back. Think
about it from her perspective, why would you text this guy who took so long to hit you
up and whom you’re no longer interested in? It makes no sense and that’s why you
should do it immediately to execute on that interest. So you’ve got her number and now you know
that you need to text her immediately but what do you even say? Oh shit you’re expecting me to tell you
that right? My bad. When first texting her, you gotta send her
something funny, something playful, and something that’ll make her interested in continuing
the conversation. I prefer to tease her about something you
guys talked about in person or text her saying something flirty like, “Hey it’s Zeus,
your soulmate. We met earlier remember?” Throw a quick emoji in there and you’ll
be slam dunking in that pussy in no time baby I’ll go way more in-depth on the best opening
lines and teasing but that’s just a quick example of what your first text to her should
be. From there you should have a conversation
with her that emphasizes building on the existing momentum and interest established when you
first met her. But don’t forget – you should still keep it light and playful. So if you built her interest by being really
funny in person, then you should be funny over text and double down on that because
it’s what pushed her to give you her number in the first place. Similarly, if you were really sarcastic and
witty in person then you should replicate that in the texts you sent her as well. Essentially what you’re doing with the text
conversation is showing her the reason she gave you her number in the first place, and
showing her why she should be EVEN more interested in you. In this initial conversation you should DEFINITELY
be teasing her about the fact that you guys are going to hangout and depending on how
well the conversation goes, you can even try planning a date right there on the spot. I’ve typically found it best to go in and
ask for the date during the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th text conversation. Anymore than 4 conversations
and she’ll lose interest. The reason I sometimes refrain from asking the first time is because
she may feel like she doesn’t know you well enough to feel comfortable and safe with you
so she’ll reject the offer even if she is into you, and it’ll just slow down your
momentum. Now I know I’m a god and I’m teaching
you this stuff in order for you guys to follow it and be successful with it BUT, I don’t
want you to think these are hard and fast rules that are set in stone. Maybe the girl
is really open and down to hangout so in that case it would be appropriate to ask right
there during the first text convo, it really just depends. Every situation is different
and hey some girls like to move fast too, so you should try to figure out yourself what
kind of person she is and act accordingly. A big part of texting and dating in general
is being confident in the value and fun you can provide the girl and using that as your
guiding force. Besides, you should relax and feel free to do what you think is best in
situations anyways since dating and texting a girl is supposed to be something fun so
you shouldn’t stress yourself out about it. If you’re ever stuck in a situation, just
think back to the advice I’ve given you, take into account what you know about the
girl and your relationship so far, and most of all take a fucking chill pill and just
be confident because trust me, being confident will make all of your interactions with women
10 times better, easier and it will be natural.

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  1. THIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT zues , girl remember when they gI've you their P.no if you text rightaways she WILL she you as a needy guy 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  2. Wasting of my time….. On girl for text And bring her back bang. Just love my money 🤑. I have not time for girls busy with working and earning million. Sorry for girls.

  3. Before you read this, dont get me wrong, i love ur vids but, the fucking thumbnails make me wanna vomit. its super cringe

  4. Zuse i just truly love the effort you put into your videos and how much you wana help niggas like me. Your really are a gift for humanity!

  5. why should i text a girl first?, when i approached a girl, she knows i am interested, i just wait until the girl texts me, with that strategy i dont waste time with attention bitches and girls who just play with me, the girl that are realy interested would text i mean i approached her first, why should it be so hard for her to write me 2 letters (hi)

  6. Oh man… Zeus went from GOD to sell out! within the space of few minutes, it’s a shame that another great YouTuber is becoming like this… Zeus you’ve let all of us down 😒

  7. Timelime:
    What to do when you get a girl's number. How to text the girl you like .
    1- When first texting her,send her something funny ,something playful,something that will keep her interested in continuing the conversation.
    2-Keep the conversation light and playful.
    3- If you have build her interest by being funny in person , then you should be funny over text because that's one of the things which pushed her to give her number to you in the first place.
    4- Go in and ask for the date during the 2nd,3rd,4th text conversation. Anymore than 4th conversation ,she'll lose interest.
    5- Big part of texting and dating in general is being confident in value and fun you can provide the girl,using that as your guiding force.
    6- Dating and texting girls is supposed to be fun, don't stress yourself, enjoy.
    7- Take a chill pill! Be Confident ,makes your interactions with women 10 times easier.

  8. you’re videos helped me to ask out my crush but even though I got rejected I still remembered you’re advice.

  9. Hey.manh ..I think u should write a book…am a 🍆 from Africa..much love for yo work manh..f**k thanks

  10. Wait 2 days to text or call her, especially the hot ones. She’ll fuck your brains out first or second date.

  11. No no no no no. Sorry this is not good advice. Three or four text conversations before asking her out and trying to be “funny” is just talking yourself out of the sex. I used to do this and they will lose interest and try to be funny over text and watch how what you say gets misinterpreted. Stick to just introducing yourself and asking them out and scheduling a date. I used to watch Based Zeus videos and honestly he focuses too much on being funny then giving actually good specific advice. Like dude there’s not even one video about reading women on your channel and that is so important. You guys need to go to Alpha male strategies or RSD. Based Zeus”s channel has done no good for me in the past let’s be real. This channel has done nothing but embarrassed me by misreading signals from girls cause he doesn’t do a video about it or making a fool of myself over text by talking too much or having her misread what I said.

  12. This account is like those stupid dating ads but it doesn’t stop and ask u for money it just tells u the shit. EPIC

  13. Anyone notice Zeus’s mouth movements are literally just repeating over and over again and not actually synced with the actual words he’s saying

  14. You make no sense. If you have to prove yourself over text to a girl to make her agree to hang out with you her interest is way too low to begin with and you are going about it the total wrong way. You say that guys shouldn’t be needy and have lives of their own a guy with a life would never play these games over a girl who is barely attracted to you. GUYS, use texting ONLY to set up dates point blank period. This clown focuses too much on being funny than actually giving good specific advice. You guys need to go to Alpha Male Strategies he offers WAY better and more specific advice then this guy. This channel used to be my go to but nothing good came out of it.

  15. You’ll come off clingy texting her that quick. It’s better to wait 1-2 days. But it also depends on the girl. If she doesn’t have a big ego, then you can text her quick.

  16. Zeus i have done this but seems like it has gone wrong. Here's what happened:
    I met with this girl in dancing class, she's a normal looking girl. After the class we walked together and had a nice talk. She was not nervous. And also she was happy talking to me. While splitting I took her number and left. She said we can go together next time. After a hour I texted her : hey it's me, the one you step on my feet l. and she just texted . I didn't. With the comma 😀 What's up with this guys? and also I'm handsome not ugly 😀

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