Why SANJI Is A Misunderstood Character | One Piece Character Analysis

Why SANJI Is A Misunderstood Character | One Piece Character Analysis

One of the things I find most curious about
Eiichiro Oda´s writing is the way he plays with established themes. If you are somewhat
familiar with One Piece, you will know that there are many elements in the story that
Oda borrows from outside sources and that often follow certain patterns. Some of these
themes serve as an underlying massage while others are simply a method of consistent storytelling.
Most stories make use of this principle and that inevitably leads to a general exhaustion
of many of these themes in contemporary works. Especially in fiction, we often find the same
ideas and elements recycled over and over again. What Oda does differently here is that
he integrates these widely spread ideas and takes them a step further. Some of them he
gives a twist while others he explores in a different context. A perfect example of
this method of writing is Sanji. Being one of the major figures of the series, Sanji
unites a whole bunch of ideas inside of his character. And following it can sometimes
feel like it is full of contradictions. In this video we will explore how Oda constructed
Sanji to be a true gentleman and how he subtly twists this stereotype in certain ways to
turn Sanji into a fascinating character that finds itself conflicted with its ideals and
values. In this context, we will also take a closer look at the true purpose of the Whole
Cake Island arc and discuss why our passionate cook is such an important part of the straw
hat crew. Before we can decide though if Sanji truly
is a gentleman, in every sense of the word, we must first understand what being a gentleman
actually means. The term ‘Gentleman’ nowadays is often confused for individual, superficial
acts of politeness. You sometimes hear guys being called a gentleman for basically not
behaving like an asshole. But being a gentleman has nothing to do with holding open the door
for a woman nor with being a man. It is much rather determined by a person´s overall behavior
and mindset. Becoming a gentleman is something than takes a strong conviction as well as
a lot of time and effort. There are a whole bunch of qualities that make a true gentleman.
These include chivalry, compassion and kindness, respect, bravery, loyalty and cleverness.
Being a gentleman therefore means being respectful and tolerant in interactions with others,
while putting their interests before your own. Why would anyone want to go through all
that in the first place though? There are several reasons why it might be
worth to strive for becoming a gentleman. Obviously, it comes with a certain amount
of altruism and finding pleasure in helping others. This can mean helping and protecting
those who are in need or important to you, bringing positivity and kindness into someone´s
life or simply inspiring others to follow your example for creating a more social and
positive environment. But of course, it also holds benefits for you personally: Behaving
in a gentleman-like manner towards others will earn you the respect and trust of those
around you. This again will in the end inspire more positive behavior back towards yourself
as well, creating a kind of positive feedback loop for everyone involved. If you spin this
thought even further and look at it from a cultural perspective, encouraging such behavior
may in the end result in a more considerate and healthy society, one that actively seeks
to be helpful. Helpful in a genuine, open and kind way, and not in a patronizing or
superior way. In other words, a gentleman, and that can be anyone, is someone that unites
a broad variety of positive characteristics that benefit those around them.
On the other hand, what you probably are also aware of though, is the fact that characters
who are through and through good, are usually not the ones we love and root for the most
in a story and we will later on also explore what problems such a white knight can bring
with it in the context of storytelling. Since people in the real world are not that black
or white, we tend to prefer characters that are morally a little bit more gray.
So now, let´s take a look, weather Sanji actually fulfills the requirements to be called
a true gentleman, what implications that has for his character and why he is so essential
to the story. Quick disclaimer at this point: If you aren´t caught up with the story of
One Piece yet be careful, because from now on this video will contain spoilers for Sanji´s
character arc. Being part of the monster trio and one of
the early members of the crew, Sanji is one of the most beloved characters in the story.
While his considerable fighting abilities as well as his cool and collected manner play
a big part in this, Sanji´s character has a high level of complexity and therefore has
a lot more to offer. Over the years we have gotten to know Sanji better and better and
with the events at Whole Cake Island, we now finally have a very full picture of why Sanji
became the person he is today. So now, let´s take a look at the five defining character
traits for Sanji, and how they qualify him to be the true gentleman of the story:
The first trait that we will look at is Sanji´s cleverness. While inside the monster trio
he might not be considered quite as powerful as Luffy or Zoro by some, he often makes up
for it by fighting smarter. Sanji often finds himself wandering off alone during large encounters,
only to discover secret doors and weaknesses that he is able to exploit for the crew’s
benefit. His curiosity and cleverness often put him into situations where he is able to
save the rest of his crew. Sanji does so on the way to Alabasta, posing as Mr. 3 and giving
the crew a decisive edge against Crocodile as he is unknown to the Baroque Works organization.
Later on, when the rest of the crew was captured on Alabasta, Sanji outwitted him again using
a Den Den Mushi. He then repeats this feat in Skypeia to wreak havoc on Enel’s ship from
the inside. When Robin was captured by the CP9 at Water7, Sanji already figured, they
would take her to the station and waited for them there. And later, on Enies Lobby, he
went off on his own in order to close the Gates of Justice much rather than engaging
with the guards on the island. In Punk Hazard, he left the group in order to save Tashigi
from Vergo. But the most significant case would most likely be having to leave Zou to
spare his crew from Big Moms wrath by going and confronting his family. All these examples
show how Sanji uses his cleverness in critical situations to turn the tables for his crew
mates. But we can also see Sanji´s cleverness outside of battles. He is usually very perceptive
of things and seems to have a good judgement when it comes to critical situations. Being
clever is essential to being a true gentleman, because understanding situations and people
and knowing how to act appropriately, is an important trait in order to have a positive
influence. The second important characteristic is Sanji´s
deep sense of compassion and kindness. Sanji might be one of the kindest and most empathetic
characters in all of One Piece. While we usually see Sanji carrying himself in a very calm,
cool, and collected manner, he is not someone to be afraid of showing emotion and weakness
from time to time. We have seen many characters admiring Sanji´s kind heart including his
mother, his sister, Luffy and even Brook, who stated: “Sanji is just too Kind! Once
he decides to protect someone, he will put his life on the line for them!” Despite
growing up under the terror of his father and his brothers, Sanji always kept his strong
sense of compassion and generosity. After he was taken in by Zeff, these attributes
were imbued deep into his personality and define a lot of Sanji´s decisions and actions
throughout the story. Next to the people closest to him, that he would go to any length to,
in order to save them and make them happy, he also cares for strangers. This can be seen
on various occasions, when Sanji goes out of his way to save Gin at the Baratie, Kin’emon
and Tashigi on Punk Hazard, the Minks on Zou as well as Chiffon from Oven´s wrath on Whole
Cake Island. He even refused to leave his family behind that caused him so much agony
and pain in his childhood and that had made use of him to get close to Big Mom. And he
also protected Pudding at the wedding ceremony, despite being aware of her true intentions.
As you can see, Sanji cares for friends and foes alike when a situation calls for empathy
and compassion. But his kindness probably is most pronounced in his rule to never let
anyone go hungry, no matter who they might be. After having expernienced true hunger
himself, he swore to himself to not let anyone go through that, if he can help it. His desire
to help and protect others is a central part of being a gentleman and Sanji lives by this
ideal without a second thought. The third personality trait that is defining
for Sanji´s character are loyalty and respect. Similar to Zoro, Sanji also strongly believes
in loyalty. Not only would Sanji do anything for those he loves, but he also sided with
Zoro about Usopp rejoining the crew when the latter stepped on Luffy’s pride. It was therefore
so much worse for him, when he was the one to betray Luffy and the crew later on Zou.
Obviously, it was a hard blow to his self-esteem when he was faced with the choice between
leaving the crew or the life of his matter-of-fact father Zeff. The internal conflict that this
decision had engulfed Sanji in, resulted in a lot of pain for everyone involved. Sanji
even claimed that he had lost the right to return to the crew, until Luffy convinced
him otherwise. This already shows us one of the problems with Sanji´s strong ideals,
but we will get back to that in a bit. Hand in hand with Sanji´s loyalty goes a strong
sense for respect. This obviously includes respect for Zeff, his captain and crew mates,
but also respect for certain enemies. And of course, Sanji requires respect from anyone,
when it comes to food and women. We can see the full extent of his respect and loyalty
on Thriller Bark when he tries to scarify himself for his captain, before Zoro steps
in and knocks him out to take on that responsibility. Loyal and respectful behavior are more than
necessary features to be considered a gentleman after all.
The next critical trait for Sanji are his bravery and combat attitude. Without a doubt
we know that Sanji is strong. While there is always a lot of debate going on over how
everyone ranks in the crew strength wise, I think no one will disagree that Sanji is
one of the most important combatants of the crew. Usually being fearless in battle, he
is often seen fighting armies and powerful opponents with barely more than a concerned
look. And being part of the monster trio, he usually ends up fighting one of the stronger
opponents in an arc. Despite having significant battle skills though different from Luffy
or Zoro, he usually tries to avoid a confrontation whenever possible. And while we see him enjoying
a battle at times, Sanji usually only enters a battle to protect or help someone else.
On Thriller Bark he fights Absalom to protect Nami. And just recently in Wano, he immediately
jumped in to protect Toko from Shogun Orochi´s attempt to kill her, standing side by side
with Zoro. Having the wish AND the ability to fight for and protect others, are important
assets for a gentleman after all. Lastly, we have to take a look at Sanji´s
chivalry, which in general is an essential part of being a gentleman but has two different
sides in Sanji´s case. In some cases, Sanji can be seen acting mature and cool around
women, further supporting his image as a gentleman. In other cases though, it can get very excessive
and pervy. Some people think that his perverted nature is taken too far and often crosses
the line of being comedic and sometimes even to downright creepy. And while I don´t disagree
with that, it´s something that in a manga you maybe have to accept as a quirk to the
character. I personally don´t think that Sanji should lose this side of him completely,
but I think it would allow more people to see him as a great character, if it were to
be tuned down a little. That being said, over the course of the story, this has somewhat
improved, especially by giving Sanji some real experiences with women, like Viola or
Pudding, that helped him maturing a little in that regard. This excessive behavior aside
though, Sanji in general has a very respectful and chivalrous attitude towards woman. This
even goes so far that next to feeding anyone who is hungry, Sanji’s second big rule in
life is not to hurt or fight women. This attitude most likely developed under the influence
of his sister Reiju, who was his only positive influence in his childhood as well as Zeff,
who held strong ideals himself. As a result, he becomes infuriated with anyone going against
this ideal. This can for example be seen inside the Germa´s castle. When he found Cosette
brutally beaten to the point of unconsciousness, Sanji became absolutely furious. He went on
to find Niki and ended up braking jaw, all that despite the threats and warnings his
family issued towards him. All these qualities, his cleverness, his compassion
and kindness, his loyalty and respect, his bravery as well as his chivalry, make Sanji
into a true gentleman. Someone that the people around him can rely on. What then is the problem
with this codex that Sanji follows? And how did it affect his character, not only story
wise, but also in the eyes of many fans? Like all of the other straw hats, Sanji also
follows a dream for which he joined Luffy on his journey: Finding the legendary all
blue, a sea where fish from all over the world are gathered together. What makes this dream
so much different from all of the other straw hats´ though, is that this is not really
a dream that you can truly make any tangible progress towards over the course of the journey.
Finding a place is different from becoming stronger or better at what you do. And we
also pretty much never see Sanji making any active efforts to find out more about his
dream. So, in other words, his development over the story is usually more for other people
than for himself. Sanji doesn´t have the motivation to become stronger just for the
sake of it. His goal is completely unrelated to his character. What Sanji strives for much
rather, is to uphold his ideals and be a true gentleman. A knight on a white horse. While
this in its own way is also a very difficult and noble task, in a story like One Piece
that not only is focused around personal growth but also is incredibly long, it can be difficult
to cheer for a character, that strives for staying the same, rather than changing. We
enjoy seeing Luffy training to get new skills and Zoro learning new techniques. What is
easy to overlook though, is Sanji´s struggle with his morality and values. Having a list
of rules to live by, some might argue that this works against the character. If he never
breaks that rule, then how can there be conflict? How can that character not seem static and
boring? But that is simply not true. Sanji´s curse is that he is always compared to Zoro
and Luffy, since he has comparable fighting power. There is the strong expectation for
him to similarly strive for more strength. But I think it is important to realize that
Sanji´s personality and character arc are just extremely different from these two. One
Piece is after all not only a story about characters being changed by the world, it
is in many ways also a story about the world being changed by the characters. Sanji again
and again comes into conflict with his ideals. His conviction to not fight women under any
circumstances, often hinders him from helping and protecting those around him. This can
be seen in his fight against Kalifa from CP9 during the Enies Lobby arc. And the conflict
between his loyalty towards Zeff and his loyalty towards his crew end up in the Whole Cake
Island arc, which´s purpose has been deeply misunderstood exactly for that same reason.
People thought that the arc was all about Sanji getting stronger, catching up to Luffy
and Zoro and there was a lot of disappointment when that didn´t happen. But as we just saw,
that´s not what this character is about. Whole Cake Island was Sanji´s arc, because
his ideals, that he strives to keep up finally pushed him into a moral corner, where he had
no choice but change. He had to experience the problems and pain that sticking to his
ideals could mean and he had to learn and accept to trust his captain and his crew in
order to be able to keep them alive in the future. In other words, Sanji had to grow
as a character to stay loyal to his values. So, the next time you read the Whole Cake
Island arc, I ask you to keep that in mind and try to look at the events from that perspective.
You will see that the entire arc gets an entirely new gravity for Sanji´s character, when you
stop looking at him the same way you look at Zoro or Luffy.
Sanji is such a fascinating character, because his personality and his combat skills make
his character seem inconsistent and contradictive at times. But it is important to realize how
great it is for the straw hat crew, to have someone as kind and compassionate as Sanji
on the crew, that also has the power to act upon it. So, despite being close to Luffy
and Zoro in terms of combat ability, his character arc is very different and unique inside the
crew. Being a true gentleman brings many challenges and hardships with it, but it also makes Sanji
so incredibly important for the crew and the entire story. Plus, he can cook. What else
could anyone ask for? Hey everybody. Thank you so much for watching.
I feel like there often is a lot of competition between Sanji and Zoro fans. But I personally
think that there is no issue in loving both characters for different reasons. Yes, both
can fight, but apart from that both of them have amazingly complex and interesting personalities
and ideals. And I think both will be equally important
to help Luffy and the crew reach their goals in the future.
What are your thoughts on his character? And what other defining moments can you think
of? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
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    Oda's writing is just the best… Makes me want to study his methods and try it sometime.

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    It’s also pointed out in Zou by Usopp, Luffy doesn’t need to defeat all four Yonkos and become strongest to be Pirate King. He just needs find Raftel meaning Luffy’s dream is a location the same as Sanji.
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    "He doesn't have the motivation to become strong just for the sake of becoming strong", yes that is true. He does however have the motivation to also become stronger to protect those who are important him. I think some fans underestimate this type of motivation, especially when Sanji is compared to Zoro and Luffy. "Sanji has comparable fighting ability to those two, and as such, should have the same mindset as those two in order to keep up with them" but I also believe that this way of thinking is incorrect. I believe that becoming stronger to protect an ideal or a way of life or to protect others can have an equal, if not greater effect sometimes, than becoming stronger simply for the sake of becoming stronger.

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  14. I felt like you ignored the fact that Sanji has 1 billion percent less compassion for men than women. He'll feed any hungry person of course and help out, but he will also beat the crap out of guy in a heart beat and feed the males on the crew (good tasting and healthy) leftovers, while providing the females the best on a silver platter. He also will literally never hit a PRETTY woman, not even when they are actively trying to kill him, and he also will never allow any other male to hit a PRETTY woman, even if they are an enemy. I say pretty because Sanji had no issue with them trying to kill Big Mom, but did have a problem with Zoro fighting Tashigi at Loguetown. Those traits are also taken to excess and probably should have been mentioned.

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    •His fighting is beautiful. Tell me that, if you watch the anime, his VA isn’t always on point with attack names. Wait no period. His VA is perfect for his character. To the point I can even recognize the voice in different animes. He is also really smart like the video says.

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    •His chivalry and Kindness! Perfect! His loyalty! Perfect!

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    •His dreams and beliefs that he sticks to! I also agree food shouldn’t be wasted though for a completely different reason.

    •Sanji’s taught me just so much like Luffy has

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  19. To be honest Sanji made a lot screw ups in Whole Cake Island. He did a lot of unnecessary things.
    The negotiation he made with Big Mom won him time but nothing more.
    The fact that he clung or tried to "ensure" Zeff's safety was also stupid. Don't get me wrong it is a nice sentiment to his foster father.(But the moment that Sanji left Baratie and joined the Straw Hats his connection to Zeff was over.) Because the moment that he left anything could happen. Sanji could die on the journey or powerful pirates from Grandline could have returned to East Blue and invaded Baratie or Zeff could get a heart attack or been arrested by the Marines. Anything could have happened to himself or Zeff which was completely out of his hands. Even if Judge ultimately relented who is to say someone else later won't learn of Zeff and use it against Sanji again?
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    Robin left the crew due to trauma and care. But she did not do anything directly which involved disrespecting the captain or were aimed to hurt her crew and friends.
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    I don't know. I just hope Oda will address this at some point and it won't just be a secret kept forever and we just move on. One of the reasons I liked Zoro a lot is he called out Luffy in regards to Usopp rejoining the Crew. That moment really made him look like the Vice Captain(Despite him not being officially confirmed as one).

    There is also other problems with Sanji's Gentleman character.
    That is if he ever witnessed a situation where for instance Nami and Robin were on the brink of death against another "woman" pirate who were ready to end their life, would he simply just stand there watch and do nothing? Or hope for someone else to come in and save them? Zeff beat his ideas and beliefs into Sanji but he apparently did not consider every situation Sanji might face if he ever left Baratie.

  20. i feel like sanji character has a two differences that is being calm in any situation and being cheering and happy even though its plastic sometimes.. i think he has a strong sense of humor anybody around him

  21. Chivalrous in the sense he has a code for women but not chivalrous in the sense that that code doesn't include trying to look at them nude against their will.

  22. I find it very cool, and a sign of Oda's great writing, that Sanji is essentially an "English Butler" that should be the Master and not the Servant.  He has all the qualities that the true Butler should have historically but is in fact a Prince.  The idea of the Butler comes from the Manservants that would accompany Nobility or Royalty when they entered into Military Service.  The manservant would undergo the same training while maintaining the proper behavior and still serving their Master.  In many ways they were more of a  Bodyguard that can kick ass when needed.

  23. Finally, someone speaks the truth. WCI was about Sanji's morals and it was brilliant. In the begging I actually thought he would fight against Reiju. I wasn't expecting her to be a good character. I thought that Sanji's 'never-hit-woman' rule was inspired by Zeff only. I was expecting Reiju to tell him that they need to fight and you're breaking your ideals and he would told her that sisters are not considered melorines in his book.
    Of course Reiju actually was a kind character not an evil one and my theory went to trash but it was good when it lasted.

  24. I liked your video and overall breakdown of Sanji’s character. However, Sanji’s kindness. The only way he’s ever been shown to be consistently kind is with regard to food. In punk hazard, when Nami wanted to save the kids, Sanji literally said that he didn’t care about saving the kids, if not for looking cool in front of Nami.

    In addition, he’s selfish as he’s been shown to put his own convictions before the crew and loves women to an unhealthy extent. Recall Enies Lobby, as you’ve mentioned. He could not put his values aside and was still lusting after Kalifa during the fight.

    Sanji is arguably my favorite character because of his complexities. He’s not kind in general, only when it fits his values. He’s a true pirate, and I like it. The whole kindness aspect of his story became prevalent only in Whole cake.

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    I wanna hear what y'all hafta say about it.

  29. "I feel like often there is a lot of competition between Sanji and Zoro fans"

    I fail to see how this is in any way a problem, since it's Sanji and Zoro we're talking about; there's competition between the characters THEMSELVES, so competition between fans of said characters is just fitting in a way.

  30. I personally have never compared him to Luffy or Zoro because, to me at least, they are all so different… Sanji's biggest interests are food and woman (with the occasional cigarette lol) whereas Zoro is more stoic in nature and has but one major focus in mastering the sword. Luffy on the other hand is an adventure seeker, almost as though a child any instant something new and mysterious reveals itself. Sanji is often a voice of reason when the seas get rough so to speak and if this alone is a measure of maturity it's blatant. It's this level of situational wisdom and maturity that separate the big 3… They're all individuals through and through and I honestly believe Oda did well in expressing that

  31. For all the Sanji fans out there, just ignore the hater and enjoy the masterpiece of Oda's creation. Sanji is not just one of the most developed characters in the series, he is also one of the character that can related to other people like me (e.g. gentlemen, pervert, etc.)

  32. Most boring video I’ve ever seen. Stopped at 5minute mark. Background music almost put me to sleep. Put some energy in your voice for love of G…! My goodness!

  33. I think it goes one step further though. Sanji's key traits are loyalty and naivete. Sanji wants to be a gentlemen, sure, but he also already is one. His entire character arc is devoted to the idea of following his own dreams rather than someone else's, which is hard for him because of his loyalty. His relationship with zeff is perfectly mirrored by gins relationship with don Krieg during the baratie arc. Gin wasted his life trying to help Don Krieg achieve his dream and realized he may die unhappy now. Zeff doesnt want sanji to suffer the same fate so he convinces him to follow his dreams after luffy inspires him. From then on we constantly see sanji struggling between staying true to his gentlemanly nature and following his dreams when they are at odds. His story is about learning to put himself first sometimes.

  34. The whole cake arc killed Sanji for me. I understand its similarities to the Arlong and Enies arcs however given the time that has passed and the events everyone has gone through it is a Very Different aspect when Sanji goes off alone tells me he is Not a True straw Hat member. The show i still love i just dont give a shit about the fake Sanji.

  35. The fact that Sanji won Viola’s heart proves that Sanji is a gentleman because She fell for him right after knowing how much of a pervert he was. Sanji is a pervert but after all he is a gentleman.

  36. Amazing character analysts! It's great to finally watch someone talk about his character and take all the aspects of his personality seriously.

  37. Man youre videos took One Piece to a whole new level and just proves how well written OP is and why its the top manga

  38. almost every major arc is linked to a character development in the crew ( excluding dressrosa because of law )

  39. Whole Cake Island Arc was great, it was a good medium to differentiate Sanji from within the Monster Trio title that he is in. His emotional turmoil puts his values to the test, he's a critical thinker, that's why he did what he did in Whole Cake Island, even Luffy knows he is suffering even though he still doesn't know the full story of Sanji's struggles.

    “No matter how many times you kick me, you're the one who's getting hurt!” Luffy to Sanji, this line is so underrated and hits so hard.

  40. You did a great job on this video but I think you missed a large part of Sanji’s character. Something that Sanji has always had is a sacrificial mindset. Like you said it derives from his insane amount of kindness and empathy. However I think a large part of it also has to do with his lack of self worth. We see why he feels that way in WCI. His family constantly belittled him and called him worthless. His entire life he has been searching for someone to prove his worth. That is why Luffy said that he can’t be PK without him and that is why it effected him so much. Throughout that entire fight Sanji kept a straight face but it wasn’t until that moment Sanji broke and it’s because he doesn’t value himself. Luffy always knows people. That’s his superpower he sees things the way they are and can read people insanely well. He has known this for awhile and that was the main problem that came about in WCI and why Sanji has acted with so much confidence since then

  41. Sanji's vow to never hurt/fight women didn't come from Reiju but from Zeff, when he turned down a request to have a girl train under him. When Sanji asked why, he said he'd never fight/hurt a lady, right after he kicked Sanji in the head.

  42. Thank you for this video! Sanji is my favourite character.
    I am deebly happy for you mentioning the fact how people compare the monster trio. Like yeah, Luffy and Zoro can and will fight anyone. But I personally love a man with principles and ideals. Sanji not hurting women doesn't bother me even though I am a woman myself.
    I don't see it as sexist, because Sanji doesn't put women down. He might see women as beautiful, delicate flowers, but he has never said that a woman cannot be strong. He doesn't deny that.

  43. Hey Ohara 6:48 I would agree but we must discuss the elephant in the room, yes he weirdly would spare his family who were nothing but monsters to him his entire life so why did he say Jinbei go kill yourself?(especially after he explained his story and why he did what he did) Sanji at that one canonical moment since I originally thought it was filler because why would Oda make Sanji so unlikable, he spoke "on the behalf" of Nami who could've spoken for herself and later did by cutting him off. The closest example I could of think of is Sanji telling his mother she should kill herself for not poisoning his father so he wouldn't make his life a living hell. All this weird discussion proves how Sanji is pretty inconsistent and will never understand Nami, hell Zoro understands Nami more than him because he allowed her to speak for herself at least though this can be explained by his chivalrous nature. This was a weird part of the story as I loved Jinbei more than a character I knew almost my entire life.

  44. Sanji has been one of my favorite characters since the start. The whole cake island arc helped give a deeper understanding of who sanji is. One of my favorite scenes is when he couldn't light up his cigarette in the rain…….

  45. seriously, who is complaining about the Whole Cake arc. Really, i wanna know cause from from everywhere i've seen, most of the people i've seen absolutely love this arc. it's considered one of the best

  46. Sanji is the romantic man.

    I mean you've got the honorable swordsman in Zorro, The guy who acts on his instincts in Luffy, and Sanji is the romantic guy.

    Sometimes romanticization meant looking at things with an idealistic perspective but it's grounded in Man vs. Self, how actions tear you up on the inside.

    Okay so Cake Island Arc isn't adventurous but it is classically romantic in a Shakespearian sense.

  47. Finally i understand Sanji's role in straw hats crew. I always keep questioning why sanji isn't there in the last enies lobby arc. I thought he should be fighting.. he is the cook and also the real pathfinder for the crew. Unlike zoro who clear the obstacles for his captain by fighting, sanji find a path for his captain.

  48. This is just my opinion: I loved Whole Cake Island because of the character growth that you get with Sanji. Sanji has been my favorite character since the first episode he appeared in. I loved that it wasn't about him getting physically stronger, because he never strives for that. Sanji doesn't see himself as a fighter he's a cook who can fight. I loved seeing him struggle with what he should do, what made this Arc so nerve racking for me. He's grown so much in while on Whole cake that his dynamic with the crew is so different now.

  49. You didn't state the important thing about Sanji : When the weak members (Nami/Usopp/Chopper) need protection the first person they seek and they look after is Sanji. And this is why his pervy character is useful sometimes because he kind of senses that Nami or Robin are in some serious danger and he needs to hurry and comes to the rescue especially in Nami's case.
    I think this is one of the most defining trait about Sanji's persona in One Piece.

  50. No respect for sanji hate it how he would show off more zoro and just skip sanji cause he like zoro more prefer he give everybody each there right

  51. 3:30 😝 Sanjis positive characteristics that benefit those around him: Smoking and Perving on the women of the crew 😂. Fr though this comes late compared to the video release but this series is so good, you talk a lot of sense with the knowledge to back it up. Great stuff man

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