Why These Characters Had Such Small Roles In Rise Of Skywalker

Why These Characters Had Such Small Roles In Rise Of Skywalker

There’s a lot going on in Star Wars Episode
IX, which means that some characters were bound to fall by the wayside as others took
the lead in the closing chapter of the saga. Here are several characters with relatively
small roles in The Rise of Skywalker, along with why each one ended up with such limited
screen time. The Force Awakens introduced viewers to an
older, wiser Leia Organa, now a general leading the Resistance against the First Order. Leia continued in that role in The Last Jedi,
but actress Carrie Fisher sadly and suddenly died in 2016 after completing work on that
film. Director J.J. Abrams opted to use several
minutes of Leia footage left over from The Force Awakens for The Rise of Skywalker, so
Leia is present throughout most of the film as the leader of the Resistance. But the limited Fisher footage meant that
she was often shown simply observing and reacting to other characters. The dialogue scenes she does have are short,
and with the help of movie magic, Abrams engineered a somber, meaningful death scene for her character. Lots of fan favorite characters from the original
trilogy, including Han Solo, Leia Organa, and Luke Skywalker, returned in The Force
Awakens. But what about Han’s old pal and the suavest
dude in the galaxy, Lando Calrissian? Lando didn’t make his return until The Rise
of Skywalker, and it’s easy to see why. With both Han Solo and Luke Skywalker dead,
and Leia Organa pulling limited duty, the film needed another Rebel legend to turn to. In the end, though, that’s pretty much all
Lando is there for. An intended subplot about Lando meeting his
long-lost daughter was reportedly cut out of the film, leaving him to just look cool,
saying a few catchy lines, and be an inspirational figure for the younger heroes. When it was announced that Mark Hamill would
return to reprise the role of Luke Skywalker for The Force Awakens, fans were excited,
but then learned he only appeared onscreen in the final scene. The Last Jedi gave Luke a lot to do, but it
presented a divisive version of Luke Skywalker, capping things off with the character’s redemptive
death. Fans were excited to find out Hamill would
be back for The Rise of Skywalker, but surely he couldn’t do that much as a Force ghost,
right? He does appear a key moment in the story,
when Rey is doubting herself and contemplating a self-exile similar to Luke’s own. He dispenses some wisdom then shuffles back
off into the afterlife. After that, he does some voiceover, and that’s
the entirety of his role. In The Last Jedi, one of the most important
new characters was Rose Tico, a Resistance mechanic who ran into Finn and struck up a
friendship that led to a mission and even a hint of romance. Rose shows back up in Rise as a mainstay of
the Resistance. Unfortunately, that role apparently also came
at the cost of her screen time. As Rey, Finn, and Poe head out for their mission
early in the film, Rose explains that she can’t come because Leia has asked her to stay
behind. She then disappears for much of the rest of
the film before fighting in the Battle of Exegol. According to co-writer Chris Terrio, Rose’s
role in the film was initially beefier, but had to be cut down because of special effects
issues. He told AwardsDaily, “We wanted Rose to be the anchor at the
rebel base who was with Leia…As the process evolved, a few scenes we’d written with Rose
and Leia turned out to not meet the standard of photorealism that we’d hoped for. Those scenes unfortunately fell out of the
film.” Maz Kanata’s presence in The Force Awakens
raised a number of questions about why the cantina owner and former smuggler knew so
much about the Force and how she had possession of Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. Those questions never really got answered. After a brief appearance in The Last Jedi… “Maz, what is happening?” “Union dispute. You do not want to hear about it.” Maz appears at Resistance base in The Rise
of Skywalker, where she stays for pretty much the entire movie without really contributing
much to the plot. She functions almost as a Greek chorus, using
her wisdom and knowledge of the Force to help give the audience some context for Leia’s
final struggle, then popping up during the final celebration to give Chewbacca a medal. When Finn, Poe, and Rey make it to the Endor
system, they come across a group of warriors who agree to help them get to the debris of
the second Death Star to find what they’re looking for. These warriors are later revealed to be deserter
stormtroopers who’ve made a life for themselves, stripping their old First Order ship for parts
to get by. Their leader, Jannah, has a conversation with
Finn about the shared aspects of their pasts. Jannah’s a fascinating character with a lot
of potential depth, but she doesn’t get a really big chunk of screentime. She gets early moments on Endor establishing
who she is, then hangs around with Finn throughout the final battle, but we don’t really learn
what her real desires are other than to fight the First Order. There’s a hint of what she does next in a
very ambiguous scene with Lando at the end of the film, a likely holdover from the cut
subplot where she was meant to be Lando’s daughter. When Finn, Poe, and Rey head out for their
mission to find Palpatine, the gang takes C-3PO and BB-8 along for the trip, but leave
R2-D2 behind at the Resistance base. Artoo is thus relatively quiet until he flies
into battle with Poe at the end of the film. Why leave Artoo, arguably the most iconic
and beloved droid in the franchise, back at the base for much of the film? Well, in many ways Artoo has always felt like
Luke Skywalker’s droid, and with Luke out of the picture for so much of the sequel trilogy,
Artoo doesn’t always fit. As it turns out, Rise of Skywalker is much
more of a showcase for Threepio’s place in Star Wars lore. And considering BB-8 has become the unofficial
mascot of the sequel trilogy, the filmmakers likely chose to give a little more screentime
to that little toyetic ball droid to close out the series. “Where do you come from?” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about Star Wars
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100 thoughts on “Why These Characters Had Such Small Roles In Rise Of Skywalker”

  1. I really liked Lando's return and portrayal. Rose was actually one of the few characters introduced in The Last Jedi ,it's a shame she wasn't used a little more. Jannah was also a character with potential , I'd like to see something done with the idea that she is possibly Lando's daughter in a standalone "Lando" film (one can dream and it can't be worse than "Solo")..

  2. This whole trilogy and all new characters were so disappointing. They knew that and were just trying to get to the finish line with as little complication as possible. That’s why they were not in the movie… not that any really cared.

  3. Such a sad sad ending it could have been great now just a well as in another movie failure I still love. “I just expected…well more”

  4. Fin tries to sacrifice himself to save other, then Rose was like I'm going to stop him from that. After she "saved" him she said " We are not going to win by dying" or something like that
    Like a minute later freaking almost everyone dies in the building.

  5. She was cut because numbers don’t lie. She wasn’t wanted isn’t matter if people did like her because more did not.

  6. We see more Rose than Billie Lourd, you know Carrie Fisher's daughter. Keri Russell didn't have that big of a part either. I almost feel like they only asked Billy Dee to come back because Carrie died

    "Luke can't do much as a force ghost," ah why? Got my butt kicked in KOTOR by a Force ghost. I know KOTOR is Legends, but when did canon ever say a Force ghost can't do much? In Splinter of the Mind's Eye, yeah I know that's also Legends despite Episode 5 referencing it, Obi-Wan possessed Luke to fight Vader. When Luke goes to confront Vader, Old Ben says he can't interfere. Archer: "Can't, or won't!" In the Force Unleashed alternate timeline, Legends within Legends, Starkiller fights Obi-Wan's ghost. Now I'm using Legends' examples, but I haven't heard a canon reason why being Force ghost handicaps a character. In Episode 4 Kenobi says he'll become more powerful than Vader can possibly imagine, not less

  7. They can be honest and say the real reason rose was barely in rise of skywalker was because the fans don't like her

  8. Why is it that Star Wars fans in particular are so toxic? 🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s really quite sad and disturbing.

  9. Rose is by far THE BEST Star Wars character, more powerful than ALL the Jedi & Sith forces combined, with a crucial plot role and unique skills! Just think about it: 1.She rescues alien horses 2. She gives smooches to Finn 3. She is a very good and nice person. What more could one ask for? Can't wait for her spin-off movie!

  10. Anyone notice the silver leg on C3PO around 5:08? Isn't this a Mandela Effect thing? I do not remember him with silver.

  11. Rose was good, but she was an escape pod security guard for the most part. Not enough material to offer a larger roll. All the race baiters claiming it was because shes Asian are just plain dumb

  12. To be honest ALL of the new characters are really, really hard to like. Even Kylo Ren who's character Arc was the only one I cared about.

  13. Episode VIII was a steaming pile of Dog Crap, and Ryan "Jar Jar" Johnson should have been fired.
    What they did with Luke Skywalker was ridiculous. Rose was awful, i'm glad her role was minimized. The humor of VIII was bad and misplaced and i'm glad that wasn't repeated. I'm also glad that so quickly they snubbed the "Holdo Maneuver" because that's not how light speed works in Star Wars. In general IX had to cover for some stupid decisions by director Jar Jar to save the series, and thankfully it turned out quite good.

  14. 1. I liked Rose wished she had more relationship role with John Boyega’s character
    2. Speaking of John Boyega’s character, he was underused. He’s the first storm trooper to turn to the good side in this trilogy n they should have expanded more on that.
    3. The Jedi fight scenes should be like those from the old republic

  15. Because they were badly written and badly acted? Oh, and unimportant with a complete lack of backstory or character arc?

  16. No one wanted rose. The last Jedi introduced a useless character, and JJ fixed that problem by making us forget about her.

  17. If it were up to me, Rose would have died from her injuries in the previous movie. I hated that bitch. Not only was she in the way of FinnRey but she also blocked him from making a heroic sacrifice.

  18. The whole trilogy was a disjointed mess, and a perfect example of why marvel had and have a precise maps laid out for the MCU.
    If you don’t, this is what you end up with.

  19. Star Wars provide a wide variety of characters which are great. But some characters are not even noticeable.
    I would like to get those character more noticeable and established.

  20. Maybe because Rose was a shit character who contributed zero value except to virtue signal the audience. Rian Johnson's movies were pure fucking trash.

  21. 4:20. I am pretty dang sure that Jannah is going to get a Star Wars one off movie (like Rogue One). It would be interesting to see how a band of Stormtroopers broke off from the First Order. We saw Finn do it, but I wouldn't mind seeing how smaller resistance movements turned on the emperor/empire in the different parts of the Star Wars universe.

  22. JJ gave us The Knights of Ren and Rian Johnson was like "Nah, screw that I have this Rose character that's way more cooler!!"

  23. Good riddance. Rose (AKA new Jar Jar) getting a smaller part was the closet we could get to deleting her from the continuity altogether without the morons who actually enjoyed Last Jedi (for some reason) getting all butthurt.

  24. I hated Rose, I wish we learned more about Maz but Rian is a twat who shoehorned Rose in the story. Jannah was cool, but not enough screentime. Would take Jannah over Rose anyday.

  25. Can't wait for next Star Wars movie starring young Mace Windu and young Count Doku.

    In Yoda's voice: So much crying I will hear and so much tears I will drink.

  26. I think we all know why rose’s screen time was cut. She was not a well liked characters. She made Jar Jar look good ffs!

  27. The only hint of romance between Rose and Finn was when she suddenly told him she loved him, kissed him, then went unconscious. Up until then, nothing. It came off as forced (excuse the pun) and made little sense.

  28. They should have called the new trilogy Disney Star Wars. They basically destroyed the old good characters and created ridiculous plots for new side characters.

  29. Maz was a better character then rose… let’s be real rose sucked, her screen time was cut cause fans hated her, I have spoken

  30. why are people trying to justify and explain a steaming pile? terrible, terrible writing. just let it all die and rot.

  31. I can’t believe Rise of Skywalker had the nerve to end with Lando saying he and Janna would find out about her past together towards the end of the trilogy. We still don’t even know how Mas got that lightsaber and we’re still getting sequel baited

  32. I feel like any critique on the actress is deemed racist or sexist on twitter, but objectively speaking her acting performance in tlj was sooo bad, it was actually cringe! In her defense, the script was meh and if I’m correct, she’s a newcomer, so she could still improve in future roles!

  33. Because she saved that jar jar character in the last Jedi . I still remember everyones disappointment in the cinema when she saved that joker and helped the first order. Well done Rian Johnson , clever directing. 😂

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