Wonder Woman – Body Artist Brings Comic Book Characters To Life

Wonder Woman – Body Artist Brings Comic Book Characters To Life

KAY PIKE: Who I am and what I do, I am someone with a big heart that wants to paint and connect
with humans. KAY PIKE: Well hello! We’re starting at full light bars today, it is a good day! COMM: Kay Pike has become an online sensation thanks to cospainting – an innovative combination
of cosplay and body art. Her transformations into comic book heroes and villains have earned
her 180,000 followers on Instagram and over 220,000 on Facebook. She livestreams a new
character from start to finish twice a week on Twitch. And the painting alone can take
up 15 hours. KAY PIKE: This can be a process that goes probably 40 hours over the entire course of
the project. We will have to decide on a character, once we decided on something then the day
of the paint, there’s about an hour or so of prep time, on setting up the livestream
and then it’s go time. Started sketching small lovely little lines, building up the
character, an hour, two hours later I would start laying down the colour. That’s when
things get fun, after laying on colours, then I’ll go in and do my inks, and my blacks
and whites, and I make it pop! Ten to fourteen hours later I have a complete product. “The
Power Is Yours!” Then comes the photoshoot, a shower and hours upon hours of photo and
video editing and social media! COMM: Kay only started posting her transformations online five months ago. And her first, a Japanese
Manga character called Colossal Titan instantly went viral. Since then she’s been honing
her techniques. KAY PIKE: My most technical body paint character was definitely Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect.
She is a video game character and they are not meant to be drawn panel after panel after
panel in a comic or in an animation. So she had so many like little buckles, details,
lighting, also I kinda don’t take the easy route, I’m not in this because it’s easy;
I’m in this because it’s challenging and fun and interactive. She was a 14-hour paint,
with me pretty much just ploughing through the entire time, focused on what I was doing,
most technical for sure. I love beautiful art, I love beautiful comic art because I like
the human connection, being say Rogue, I got to do research I got to learn about her and
I got to talk with people about her. I get to connect with people with something that
is interesting to me but then we got something in common. Art is all about human connection
deep down and by becoming the character is that, you know, people already love, it helps
me love people more, it helps me connect more. Over time it’s kind of evolved into, with
the livestreaming, very much a cool, positive hang out space for people and the most important
thing is people are telling me that I’m helping them find their art again. As they
see me go through and still be positive and still enjoy these things for 10-12 hours,
knowing it’s gonna be gone in a heartbeat as soon as I step in the shower. So, the
reaction of “you are inspiring me, Kay” means the world and it’s incredible.

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  1. wow, I can't even put mascara on without poking my eye. Your artwork is insane, and even more impressive that you do it on yourself. Ever have a booth at Comic Con?

  2. and women love attention and to be valued sexually by both men and women. Shes single too.
    Women have no guilt, no shame and therefore no decent morrals.
    This is curse for men and women, for children, for society.
    Women need to stop being mindless.

  3. People are fawning over large breasts practically anyone can have but not everyone can have the eye or technique to do what she does and make it look so effortless. Surely they could work really hard for it though unlike just having the genetics to be born with breasts or getting implants. Not knocking choice of comment topics, I just find that what her body looks like doesn't compare to the amazing things she can change it into.

  4. It's incredibly annoying to hear someone insert "like' into everyother sentence – when it's not part of the point. Really dumbs down anything you have to say.

  5. Wow! this looks amazing! the shading is great, the colors are vivid and mesmerizing as if looking to a comic book page. It's great to see how she is able to portrait male and female characters… However, her femininity stands out with female characters… Very skilled, very impressive. GOOD WORK 🙂 Marvel should hire you for their Live Action Movies, you bring your own uniform!!!!

  6. Given her figure I simply cannot comprehend why she would try to create male characters. Having said that, her skills as an artist are remarkable!

  7. This kind of makes me think of lazy game developers who don't create new game models and instead just reskin existing models with new textures XD

  8. You are a beautiful chameleon! Wonderful talent. Thank you for sharing your beauty and extravagance with us. My heartfelt appreciation.

  9. I know she has to have had someone ask to marry her…add me to the list. Amazing work, she captures the essence if comics quite fully.

  10. Do they really look like cartoon characters or did they use computer generated effects to make it look cartoon animated ?

  11. I'm in the mood for milk after watching her for one or preferably two reasons ( • ) ( • )

    And FYI, those are my googly eyes you preverts!!! 😂 🤣 😂 🤣

  12. As others have said, link to the subject of the video and stop being such wretches. Consider, for a moment, the viewer experience – we see something or someone of interest and want to know more, direct from the horse’s mouth.

  13. hi, u r simple superb, what creative mind u have, u should get an award , i liked it very much , so doing the good n creative work, VISHAL . bangarpet @ gmail. com keep posting latest videos ,ths once again

  14. I absolutely love this, buy the male characters look deflated😂, she's an amazing artist but some things just can't trick the eye

  15. You should do a killer frost comic version its something I wanna do, but i have no ideas on how the body paint would look. And no one ever does her ;~;

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