YouTube, Facebook, Twitter y Google contra las FAKE NEWS del CORONAVIRUS | Noticias Marketing

YouTube, Facebook, Twitter y Google contra las FAKE NEWS del CORONAVIRUS | Noticias Marketing

Hi! Strange and curious social networks.
Like every Monday, we make a summary, with the best news of Digital Marketing
and Social Networks. And watch, the news this week are tremendous. For example, we will tell you how Instagram
is working three new secret. Or that LinkedIn has launched a new section
to highlight professional achievement. Too… Reddit’s CEO criticized very hard
to TikTok. Or Uber, will include advertising program outside their vehicles. In addition I also will tell you that nanoinfluencers
have captivated marketers, and that Google will include new icons for easy
image search. Also that Alphabet and Facebook, exceed expenditures television
advertising. And how Facebook has bought a study of virtual reality games. And watch out , we’ll see how Facebook is banning
ads that promise to cure the coronavirus. Or Twitter meanwhile, is testing
colored labels against fake news. Come on , you see a very very cool news,
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3 videos featured each week. I’m JJ Priego and this is Easypromos TV! Vamoooossss !!!! INTRO These are the best news of the week.
Let us begin! 1. Instagram is working three new
secret The social network owned by Facebook, is
working secretly on developing Three new features, although they have leaked
a series of images that let you know, what those developments. On the one hand, the photographs show the
possibility of creating “nicknames” to name to friends. This would allow the user to
change the name of the contact below and put that by knowing you, or information
relevant, that makes you easily identify it . Another novelty would be to store temporary photos
taken in the app. That is, this new feature, baptized with the name “Recent” makes
any photo or video taken with camera social network is stored
temporarily for seven days. As Currently, if you do not use is automatically deleted. And the third and final innovation would be the
creating animations anecdotal. This function is able to create animations for when
it gives you “Like” a photo or video, in direct messages. To this will
be known as “Love Animation” and may be placed effects hearts
floating and explode, being the only filtered animation, but may be
included more. Urges the definitely see when incorporated. 2. LinkedIn launches a section to highlight
achievements professionals LinkedIn has launched a new section called
“Highlights”, which allows users show achievements and updates
key resume writing, at the top her profile on the social network. This is similar to the highlight something twit
or post highlighted, positionable in Twitter and Facebook profiles. To do this , the user must click
on the profile button at the top page, select the “View
Profile” and click “Add Featured” that appears in the “Highlights” section.
And eye, may be included in the section “Highlights”, as many publications as
desired. And that Linkedin with over 675 million
users, is still working to improve its regular features, offering
tools like the option of creating posts recognition, which help companies
and professionals to enhance their brand and which it was also recently released. 3. The CEO of Reddit harshly critical TikTok It is clear that TikTok is a phenomenon,
as it surpassed one billion users assets to the month, and even more downloaded
Instagram and Facebook, in store Google and Apple applications. And although nobody really knows how it works
powerful algorithm to engage in many, the social network also has no shortage of detractors. One of these is Steve Huffman, co – founder
and CEO of Reddit, who has said things pretty Hard on the application, at a recent event
in Silicon Valley, between investors and entrepreneurs. When they talked about the innovations that
makes TikTok, basically called Huffman the parasite and spy app. Afimando that: “I see this application as
parasitic basically always listening fingerprinting technology
they use is really scary, and could not even consider installing an app like
this on my mobile. I tell people actively do not install the spyware on their mobile ” As you can see, it is clear that TikTok not like
everyone … 4. Uber program will include advertising
on the outside of their vehicles For if curious, ads will change according to
time of day and geolocation of the vehicle. Amazing… And, taxis lifelong incorporated
advertising messages. But Uber goes one step over there … Therefore, the US company has just
signed an agreement with Adomni, a company specializing in digital outdoor advertising. Thus, the ads will appear in a holder
on top of vehicles, and publicity will be programmatic. Ie
not only the purchase will be digital, but so will the ads. Some ads
that will display or video, with a duration of 8 seconds and segmented basis
of the location details of the vehicle and time of day. 5. nanoinfluencers have captivated
marketers And it is curious, 26% of marketers
interested in working with nanoinfluencers, a percentage which drops to 22% in
the case of “celebrities”. So, according to a recent report
from the company specializing in influencer Linqia marketing, marketing influencers
continues to gain in prominence, speed Meteoric for brands. Not surprisingly, 40% of marketers, boasts
of having currently underway, more than six influencers campaigns. And 57% will increase
the dump budget discipline in 2020. Linqia of the report inferred, on the other
hand, the microinfluencers, which are the with between 5,000 and 100,000 followers,
enjoy increasing prestige among brands. And it is that 78% of marketers
want to work in 2020 with microinfluencers, why are definitely prescribers
favorite brands. But eye, as I said, marketers
prefer nanoinfluencers, which are the with fewer than 5,000 “followers” that
the maximum elebridades. And, for the same price, they prefer to have
1,000 microinfluencers campaigning 1 influencer to top … 6. Google will include new icons for easy
image search In order to help the user identify
best images in your search engine, Google will begin to show this week, new
icons in the lower left corner of the picture. These labels will appear on mouseover
the image, and indicate more data she, as license information,
the landing page (if part of a recipe or product for sale, for example)
and duration in the case of videos. As part of this change, the dimensions
of the image are eliminated, but continue showing on the picture, once you have
selected the thumbnail and display the screen of information. 7. Alphabet and Facebook outnumber television
in global advertising spending The rise of digital media in front of the television
is becoming more notable day, and the numbers show. According to WARC in 2020, online advertising will
account for more than half of the investment planned advertising, which reaches 660,000
million, a growth of 7.1%, driven by 13.2% increase
in investment in Internet. And in the pace of digital media,
which will reach the 335,400 million in advertising investment, the largest piece
of the cake will take Alphabet, matrix of Google and Facebook. Together will reach
the 231,900 million dollars in 2020, beating for the second consecutive year the
television. By the way, the online video will increase its
revenues by 21.3% to reach 63,700 million, equivalent to 9.7% of spending
global advertising. And you get 18,500 YouTube million, an increase of 22.1% and 29% of
the advertising investment in the online video ads worldwide. 8. Facebook buys a game studio in
Virtual Reality Facebook announced the acquisition of the
video game studio sanzaru games, responsible of the popular RPG Virtual Reality “Asgard’s
Wrath”. The terms of the acquisition are unknown,
although it has been confirmed that Sanzaru, It will remain an independent company,
which will continue to operate from its offices in Canada and the US. So he has recognized Mike
Verdu, responsible for the draft Reality Virtual Facebook, in an article in the
official blog of Oculus. However, although operating independently,
most computer workers Sanzaru Games, will continue to work now
as part of the Oculus team. Sanzaru games, which was founded 13 years ago,
has created a total of four titles the Oculus, Virtual Reality device
Facebook. It is clear that with the purchase of the study,
Facebook could launch similar games its Oculus, with which attract players
of console and PC platform. 9. Facebook prohibits ads that promise to
cure the coronavirus And more than Facebook, is that as reported by
a spokesman for Facebook to “Business Insider” the platform has recently implemented
“a policy to ban ads They are referring to the coronavirus and create
a sense of urgency “that is, to suggest there is a limited supply of something or guarantee
a cure or prevention against the disease. These actions are in addition to Instagram,
Google, Facebook and Twitter to deal with a storm of panic as news,
links, comments, pictures and ads miracle. Google for example, to writing “coronavirus”
in the search box appears for a few weeks, what the company called knowledge panels.
In this case, there are two: a box with links information about the virus and the other with tips
safety, both of WHO, World Health Organization. And searches on YouTube get a result
like this : first, a link appears to WHO and, as has explained a spokesman for the company,
the results take precedence videos verified sources. In addition, the contents
suspected of disseminating information bit reliable, appear less on results and recommendations
may reach in extreme cases eliminated. All this seems fantastic … 10. Twitter proof colored labels against
the fake news And following the previous news, Twitter
is testing, to implement a new system to mark tweets deceptive
and fake news published by politicians and other public figures. Next to the labels,
relevant data should be attached to provide context and clarify information in an
attempt to combat misinformation and handling platform. Deceptive messages, will have comments
from “verifiers” and journalists. Thus the tweets labeled as misleading,
shall be accompanied by a message in red or orange, with a targeted explanation
users, where it will be stated that It has reduced the visibility of the message,
for violating Twitter’s policies on information and news fake. Well, here ‘s the best news
of the week, next week more and better. How have you been curious and inquisitive? What do you think of this video? What
news has impressed you the most? You can leave your opinions in the comments,
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  2. Es impresionante como va evolucionando el marketing como dices con los pequeños influencers, y todo lo que se tiene que innovar y adaptar para satisfacer el mercado…
    Recuerdo haber escuchado que las emociones son la mejor forma de vender… y pues el pánico y los charlatanes hacen una combinación peligrosa hoy en dia y mas en un pais latino donde las abuelas tienen el remedio para todo, y las palabras "naturista, sin químicos, sin efectos adversos" hacen que casi cualquier cosa se venda.
    Saludos! excelente video!

  3. Me gusta el canal y lo sigo bastante. Como aporte, habéis considerado cambiar la música o los sonidos? O añadir un poco más de variedad? A veces me cansa un poco y tiene un rollo demasiado prefabricado

  4. Aviat veurem no només els taxis, sinó també els autobusos i els vehicles comercials, amb pantalles integrades a la seva carrosseria. A veure quant temps triga l'administració del trànsit a prohibir-les per distreure als altres conductors i provocar accidents.
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